Nikita Kozhekin

#201 9233 Ferndale Road
Richmond, British Columbia V6Y 0B8

Birthday : 11 November 1978

ICQ: 31252309
MSN Messenger:
Skype: kitya_karlson

Marital Status : Married

Professional Objective

Software engineer with 7+ years of experience is seeking an exciting long-term job opportunity. Application developer or software architect positions are preferable. Working with a team in a challenging environment to build high class software solutions is a goal. I have a broad range of experience from work in several major corporations in quite a few different countries including Japan, Russia, EU, Australia and Canada. I'm also a Linux professional and GPL enthusiast (took part in Russian/Ukrainian KSI Linux development), so working in an open-source software environment is a plus.

Skills and Qualifications

General Software Engineering: Object Oriented programming and design using both class-based and prototype-based languages, Design Patterns, Regular expressions, Algorithms analysis and design, complexity estimations, C/C++/STL, C#, Pascal, Java, Version control using CVS, Subversion, and Clearcase, Tibco RV middleware, Reuters SFC API.

Web-based applications development: PHP (LAMP), Perl, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JScript, SOAP, XML-RPC, Ajax, Mozilla Firefox extensions development, Apache, Ngnix.

SQL-based relational DataBases, Programming and Administration: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB_DataObject SQL Builder: Object Interface to the Database.

3D and 2D Graphics: VTK, OpenRM scene graph, Adobe Photoshop plug-in development, OpenGL, DirectX.

Unix shell programming and administration: Linux, FreeBSD, bash, sed, awk, Tcl/Tk.

GUI based applications development: Microsoft Visual Studio, MFC, Java/Eclipse/Netbeans, GTK, QT (including experience with QT cross-platform setup, creating applications for ARM-based devices, like Sharp Zaurus PDA series).

Text processing: XML/XSLT/XPath/Schema, TeX/LaTex, Wiki enthusiast.

Network penetration, application security testing: Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Nmap, WebInspect.

Languages: English (fluent), Russian) (native), French (basic), 日本語 [Japanese] (elementary).

Employment History

Software Development Engineer 2
Microsoft Canada Development Center
October 2008-now

Microsoft Exchange Server high availability.


  • Microsoft Exchange HA modules and tasks, C#, C++, Powershell

JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd. and JPMorgan Administrative Services Australia Ltd. (IB Technology)
May 2006-September 2008

Creating new and improving existing trader tools and applications.


  • Stock Trading Application, MFC, C++
  • Stock Trading Application Server, Java, Derby, Hibernate
  • Autotrading Server Framework, Java

System programmer
Secured Infrastructure Design Corporation (S.I.D.C.) K.K., Tokyo, Japan
November 2004-April 2006

Working as the leader software engineer in a IT security consulting company.


  • Web portal software and web design, CMS system for (PHP, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax), Japanese/English search index database development
  • Web site security consulting, penetration and web software security testing
  • Internal report generation system, semi-automated english/japanese translation, automated scan system (PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML/CSS, MySQL, PDF and XML output)
  • Learning Management System (PHP, Macromedia flash)
  • COREanalyser windows security audit tool (C#)

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Tokyo, Japan
July 2003-November 2004

Working in a research and development laboratory, performing the development and implementation of a new algorithms and approaches in the areas of: scientific and medical 3D visualization, volume modeling, collision detection, 3D surface stitching, physics-based modeling, and, also, images repairing techniques.


  • New Generation CG/CAD System (C++, OpenGL, VTK)

Middle-East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
March 2004

Lecturing on HTML/CSS and JavaScript to graduate students, majoring in architecture. The visit was supported by a NATO grant.

Software development team leader (, Moscow, Russia
June 1999-October 2000

In June 2000 "Internet Investment Company NetBridge" merged with "", forming "" later next year. is the most popular free e-mail service in Russia, the total number of subscribers for all of the services provided by the company is now estimated to be more than 12.5 million per month.

I was managing the development of the various internet projects of the company, including the development of the original web publishing system, that incorporated template-based engine and reverse-engineering from the design modifications back into the template database. Most of the development was done in Perl.

Senior System Administrator, Security Consultant
NewCompPort ISP (, Moscow, Russia
June 1998-June 1999

"NewComPort" is a Moscow-based ISP, that was started by me and a couple friends back in 1998. Originally started to provide dial-up communication services it is now providing web hosting and home cable networks.

I was building the infrastructure, setting up the services and doing the system administration, mostly single-handedly. I stopped being full-time involved early in 1999, but still provided some occasional services for the company as security consultant and doing forensics till late 2000.

Contract-based software development

In the period from 1998 to 2004 I was also taking part in various outsourced projects. Several are listed bellow.

  • The Development of a fast 2D facial animation using Java Micro Edition (J2ME) on a cell phone, for JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Online shop, language education schools database, travel tours online database, airline tickets online availability system and other jobs for BhB Planning (International Travel Agent, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Match-making website for Eken K.K. (Internet business, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Corporate website front-end and backend with lawyer's database for MoriSogo Law Offices (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Internal project management system (incorporating features of bugzilla and wiki) for Andersen Consulting (International Consulting Company, Moscow Office, Moscow, Russia).



I authored more than 70 publications, including 6 article publications in the refereed international scientific journals, 2 chapters in the edited books, 10 international conferences proceedings, 6 national conferences proceedings, 9 publications in software and hardware popular magazines, and more than 39 publications in various popular magazines (in Russian). The complete list is available on demand, and some of my publications are available online at and (in Russian). Several selected works are listed bellow.


I'm also the author of a several international and national patents. They are listed bellow.

Hagiwara Ichiro (30%), Vladimir Savchenko (20%), Nikita Kojekine (20%), Masaki Kitagoh (30%), CSRBF and Wavelet method of image compression, Japan patent No. 02-090, Issued on 25 February 2003.

Nikita Kojekine (40%), Ichiro Hagiwara (40%), Allied Engineering (20%), CAD system data healing, Japan patent No. 03-096, Issued on 27 February 2004.

Hagiwara Ichiro (30%), Vladimir Savchenko (20%), Nikita Kojekine (20%), Masaki Kitagoh (30%), CSRBF and Wavelet method of image compression, USA, patent pending.


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